Dr. Clover Bench: Principal Investigator

Associate Professor - Applied Ethology
Department of Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science
Faculty of Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

PhD, Applied Ethology, University of Saskatchewan
M.S., Applied Domestic Animal Behavior, University of California at Davis
B.S., Animal Science, University of California at Davis

Research Areas: Applied Domestic Animal Behaviour; Applied Ethology

Research Interests:
My research takes an ethological approach to the study and improvement of animal systems. Projects focus on the automated detection of behavioural biometrics, housing system design and management, novel phenotyping of welfare traits, science-based welfare standards, and the ontogeny of behavioural traits.

AN SC 377 Food Animal Behaviour: Basic behaviour principles for food animal species including their application in livestock production systems. Fundamentals of experimental research and design in applied ethology. Prerequisite: AN SC 200 or consent of instructor and *60.

AN SC 378 Companion Animal Behaviour: Basic behaviour principles for companion animal species such as dogs, cats, and horses, including application of fundamental training and learning techniques to resolve common behaviour problems. Prerequisite: AN SC 100, PSYCO 104 and *60.